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Wheel & Axle Assemblies

Wheel Sets (UK) manufacture an extensive range of cast steel wheel and axle assemblies suitable for most applications and duties. Access to the technical facilities and expertise of the group foundry has given Wheel Sets (UK) the opportunity to carry out a continuing series of tests and evaluations on alloying modifications to the industry's standard steel grades.


This research has already resulted in the definition of specific new alloys for rail wheels, which return considerably improved wear characteristics.


Such improvements can also be extended by the additional finishing processes of induction or flame hardening

Mine Car Wheels & Axles

We include sets of both British and German standard designs within our range plus our own rationalised versions which are available in sizes from 125mm to 500mm diameter with axle loadings up to 16000kg.

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Cannonbox Wheels & Axles

Ideal for use in very wet operating conditions where the multi-lip sealing arrangement and fully enclosed live axle give maximum protection to the bearing assembly.


Available in a range of wheel diameters from 300mm to 450mm diameter with axle loadings up to 12000kg.

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Outboard Box Wheels & Axles

Used mainly on surface light rail operations such as plantation or pleasure railways these wheels are available in sizes from 200mm to 900mm with axle loadings upto 12000kg.

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Locomotive Wheels

Available as 'black' castings or as finish machined wheels in a range of sizes including 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 600mm, 650mm and 760mm diameters.

Locomotive Wheels

For customers requiring spare wheels for any make of mining vehicle, tunnelling wagon, kiln car or transfer car we hold our own standard patterns which can be adapted to produce virtually any configuration of wheel ranging from 125mm to 500mm diameter.

Loose Wheels

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