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All rail track, rail curves, switches and crossings can be designed and manufactured as conventional rail, ATC or fully trapped rail sections including track mounted rope management equipment if required. Listed below are areas of our current product range:


Straight rail track (with or without track mounted rope managed equipment).


Rail track curves (with or without track mounted rope managed equipment).


Rail switches and crossings (with or without track mounted rope managed equipment).


Track & Rope Management Systems

We can supply a variety of trapped or semi trapped rail systems, rope management equipment and trackwork.  

Wheel Sets track systems range from fully trapped (for steep gradients) to conventional bull head rail (for shallow or level gradients), accommodating different rail gauges and rail sizes for either braked or unbraked rolling stock.


Within our track system range are semi trapped and secondary braking rail systems that provide vehicle captivation and or enhanced braking in hazardous areas only. These can be added to any existing conventional rail system ensuring full captivation on steep gradients or changes in direction.


Rope management equipment in standard or heavy duty designs are available to suit any arduous geological or temperature environments. These comprise rope deflection, incline and trapping pulleys, floor rollers, rope clips and guides.  


Wheel Sets supply special track equipment including: rail curves, switches and crossings, manufactured as fully trapped rail or conventional rail sections which can incorporate track mounted rope management equipment.

Track Mounted Rope Management Equipment

Track, vehicle or roadway mounted rope management equipment are available either as standard or heavy duty designs to suit any arduous geological or temperature environments. Listed below are current product range areas:


Rope deflection pulleys.

Inclined rope bollards.

Dead rope transfers.

Rope trapping pulleys.

Floor rollers (Steel or Non Metallic).

Rope clips and guides (to suit either single or dual rope height systems).


Semi Trapped Rail System

All our conventional rail vehicle designs can incorporate guide wheels on the axles or bogies arrangements.


When used in conjunction with outboard mounted guide sections at rail curves and changes of gradient profile these fully control the vehicles in the hazardous areas.


The rope is also fully controlled and protected within these areas by means of purpose designed and strategically positioned inclined bollards and rope trapping pulleys.


The outboard mounted guide sections not only guide the bogies around or through rail curves and gradients changes but by means of the guide wheels reduce flange wear due to rope pull

and prevent the vehicles lifting vertically.


The ‘Semi Trapped Rail System’ can be added to any hazardous area of a mine’s existing rail transportation route at changes in direction where derailments occur, thus providing a relatively low cost safe trapped braking system without the need for a full and expensive captivated rail system throughout the mine.

Fully Trapped Rail System

Fully trapped rail track is constructed from standard rolled steel joist section.


Our vehicles deploy vertical running wheels on the top flange face with horizontal, side guide wheels acting on the track section to fully captivate the vehicle axles or bogies and emergency brakes. High efficiency braking is achieved by vertically acting spring applied, calliper-brake units acting on the top flange toes.

Track, Track Switches & Rail Curves


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