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Mineral Transportation

We have a varied range of transportation systems each of which can be individually tailored to suit the specific material and application.


These vary from the traditional hand trammed D.S.T's usually employed for underground development work through to the high speed/high volume Rock cars utilised in today's modern mining operations


Auto Side Discharge Wagons

Mainly used in the tunnel construction industry, this type of car offers a fast discharge facility matched only by bottom discharge cars. The side tipping action can be operated by a tipping ramp on cars up to 10 tonne capacity the tipping can also be operated manually.


Granby Cars

Granby Cars have been used since the 1800’s and were the first high volume single side discharge wagons used in underground mining


Available in sizes ranging from 2 ton capacity upwards, Granby Cars are still

one of the most common type of rollingstock used in hard rock mining today.

Double Sided Tipping Wagons

The simplest and often the smallest wagons still used in today's mines D.S.T’s (sometimes called Cocopan’s or doll cars) are mainly used for development work although some older mines still use them on production levels.

Double Sided Tipping Wagaon

Rotary Tip Mine Cars

Used in both the mining and tunnel construction industries the cars can be tipped using either a purpose built rotary tipper in single or multiple units or a tipping frame used in conjunction with an overhead crane.


These cars are particularly suitable for transporting very wet or sticky materials.

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