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Material Transportation

We offer an extensive range of reliable and robust materials vehicles, all designed to suit customers specific applications and duties.

The range begins with basic flat deck cars for general materials transportation and includes items such as Grout and Segment cars for the tunnelling industry. It also includes Heavy Duty and Well Deck materials cars plus Special Purpose cars such as Cable Drum transporters.

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Heavy Duty Materials Cars

Purpose designed to transport loads of up to 40 Tonne UDL, our range of materials cars can be supplied in a variety of axle configurations from standard twin axle to double bogie and Gondola type shared bogies and axles.


Special Purpose Transporters

Individually designed to carry ‘special’ loads such as hydraulic roof supports, cable drums, belt rolls, locomotives, TBM sections, face shearers, continuous miners and other tracked or rubber tyred vehicles.


Additionally we can offer a range of rubber tyred trailers, either two or four wheel steering, with emergency and / or service braking and pneumatic or solid rubber tyres.

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Segment Cars

Used in the tunnel construction industry these cars are used to transport pre-cast concrete segments. Segment cars can be designed as individual units or as multiple units with shared axles.

Segment supports are incorporated to suit the specific dimensions of the segments to be carried with most cars incorporating rotary turntables to allow the segments to be turned within the T.B.M. back-up system.


Grout Cars

Designed to transport cementacious grouts in the tunnel construction industry, these cars are offered with a variety of options on agitator paddle drive methods and grout pumping systems.

Flat Deck Cars

General purpose cars usually with either steel or timber decks capable of carrying a wide variety of materials with loadings ranging up to 30 tonnes UDL and deck heights as low as 200mm above rail.


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