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Manriding Systems

Utilising a wealth of past experience and proven product technology we can design and manufacture an extensive range of men transportation equipment and systems for either direct or endless rope hauled or locomotive hauled systems.







Manriding vehicles or trains are offered with a full range of options for service and emergency braking systems.


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Manriding Vehicles & Trains

  • Running speeds in excess of 20 mph (9m/sec).

  • Train configuration with single, double axle or double bogie cars to ‘Gondola Trains’ with shared axle or bogie arrangements.

  • Emergency (Drop Track), ‘Fail to Safe’ brakes with various brake unit combinations to suit track gradients up to 1:2, auto activation by manual and overspeed operation.

  • Wheel or disc service brakes for locomotive activation.

  • Overspeed governors with single or dual trip speeds.

  • Provision for First Aid stretcher access and location.

  • Speed indicators or speed monitoring.

Design Features

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  • Singular or multiple car trains, integrating with an existing or new rope or locomotive system.

  • Manriding vehicles or trains designed to suit any existing or new conventional rail track, fully trapped or trackless system.

  • Individual cars transporting up to 36 men and with total train capacities exceeding 240 men.

  • Vehicles designed with detachable cabins as combined men / materials transporters.

  • Robust cabin constructions, with optional soundproofing and access doors if required.

  • Head and tail lighting systems, powered by a wheel driven alternator or batteries.

  • Drivers radio communication and signalling equipment.